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Everyone can come upon hard times, but how we deal with them says the most about our character. The struggles of life can often make us feel as if hope is unattainable, and our minds can sometimes turn to a dark place. We are here to let you know that hope is not lost.

Our passion for the improvement of your well-being is matched equally by your desire for change. This is your first step towards attaining a better, more fulfilling life. Know that for every step you take, we will take one with you, as your journey for self-change unfolds.

- Brian Martinezdelacotera, SSTF Psychotherapist

Our Areas of Focus

At Small Step's to Fulfillment we specialize in a variety of different areas. Read below to see our full range of offerings.

Chemical & Alcohol Dependence

Addiction has consumed many people’s lives with its powerful effects on the human brain...

Anger Management

If anger is not managed well, this could lead to many negative behaviors...


Anxiety is a very normal reaction when faced with difficult situations...


Depression is a medical illness that has a negative effect on many people’s lives...

Self Esteem / Worth

Even a person with great talent, will not get very far with low self-esteem...

Conflict Resolution

Conflict can be looked at as a negative event in a person’s life...

Meet Brian

Brian understands that counseling can be a difficult process, so know that for every step you take towards your fulfillment, Brian will take one with you as your journey for self-change unfolds.

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Our Therapeutic Approach

At Small Steps to Fulfillment we utilize an integrative approach with our clients, combining elements of Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. This effectively assimilates the behavioral, cognitive, psychological, and social aspects that help us identify the root of the behavior.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

This therapy focuses on the client's possibilities, and does not have much interest on how problems emerged...

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a goal-oriented therapy that takes a practical approach to solving problems...

Individual Pricing Package Deals

At Small Steps to Fulfillment we offer affordable pricing that works for you. Whether counseling is a new horizon for you or if you've attended counseling sessions before, at SSTF your first session will be free!

3 Sessions


5 Sessions


7 Sessions


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