Chemical and Alcohol Dependence

Addiction has consumed many people’s lives with its powerful effects on the human brain. It is known as a habitual brain disease that influences drug seeking behaviors, without any regard of the dangerous consequences that may follow. Addiction is known as a disease as it changes the way a brain functions, which then can lead to negative behaviors that has been seen in individuals that abuse drugs and alcohol.

Why do people use drugs? People are usually looking for ways to feel good, to improve, to fit in, manage their emotions or pain, curiosity, and “because everyone else is doing it.” What if you could accomplish all these things without the use of drugs and alcohol? I am here to tell you that you can. It starts by taking the first step to get the help and support you need to get your life back on a positive path.

Anger Management

Anger is a destructive emotion that can be tied with our mental and physical health. All people experience anger, as it is a very normal emotion. It is the rage you get when someone talks over you when you are speaking, or the person that is driving five miles per hour under the speed limit; and all you want do is scream and flip them the bird.

It is important to recognize your anger, so that you can manage it in a positive way. If anger is not managed well, this could lead to many negative behaviors and consequences. Anger will not go away by just releasing it. If you gain insight to your anger, and how it comes about, you will be able to manage this emotion and respond in a healthy and productive way.


Anxiety, or heightened concern and worry, is a very normal reaction when faced with difficult situations. However, in certain cases anxiety can become overwhelming, and cause pain and fear in a person’s life. If anxiety is not addressed it can lead to many physical symptoms, such as muscle aches, headaches, stomach cramps, and frequent urination. However, individuals that have sought help in managing their anxiety have shown positive results in their day-to-day lives.


Depression is a medical illness that has a negative effect on many people’s lives. It negatively influences the way you think, feel, and act toward situations, which can lead to many unwanted consequences. Depression causes undesirable feelings of sadness, and pulls you away from the things you once enjoyed. This can lead to many intense emotions and physical pain, and can hinder your ability to function adequately with home and work obligations. Thankfully, with some help, depression can be treated with the right tools and support. So, let’s take this first step, and allow yourself to become equipped with the knowledge and strategies to beat your depression and improve your overall health and well-being.

Self Esteem / Worth

Even a person with great talent will not reach their fulfillment with low self-esteem. It is like having a really nice boat, and living in the desert with no water to take it out on. Self-esteem motivates you to accomplish goals and to reach your full potential. So, how can we build on your self-esteem?

Manage your inner critic. We often don’t recognize our negative thoughts, which can be damaging to persons self-esteem. You want to work on reframing your thoughts to something positive and helpful for your personal growth. View your mistakes as learning experience, rather than a fault, because without them it would hinder your ability to grow. Focus on how you are thinking. For example, someone saying, “I always mess up”, or “I am not good enough.” Remind yourself that it is ok to make mistakes. A mistake is an opportunity for you to ask yourself, “What will I do differently next time?”

Conflict Resolution

Conflict can be looked at as a negative event in a person’s life. However, it is normal, and can be a very healthy tool in building positive relationships. As you know, people don’t always agree on the same things, such as personal beliefs, values, perceptions, motivation, and desires. These differences can cause much tension and conflict amongst people.

If you are not able to put aside your differences and learn to manage conflict in a healthy way, it can cause regrettable damage to your relationships. It is crucial to put aside your differences, and be respectful to yourself and others, and deal with the conflict productively. Let’s welcome conflict into your life, as it will improve your overall growth, and strengthen the connections in your relationships.